City of Coos Bay - Fifth Street Plaza Project

Design Statement:

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March 22, 2000

Scope of  Project:

  • Project boundaries are Central Ave. from 4th Street to 5th Street.
Design Concept:
  • Design a multi-use “open space” to be used for assembly and gathering by the public.
  • Provide civic features for the enhancement of the City of Coos Bay in general and the Downtown Area in particular.
  • Provide an exciting space for visitors and Coos Bay citizens to visit that will be alive with activity.
  • Provide a termination to the west end of the “Mall”.
  • Visual Tie from Downtown Area to City Hall (Change appearance of City Hall from parking structure to Civic Building.)
  • Solar Access, take advantage of sunlight at the site.
  • Security
  • Wind Break
  • Make into lively, fun, dynamic place
Possible Features:

Electrical Services
Water Services
Landscaping: Trees, Plants, 
Trash Receptors
Water Feature
“Ship in a Bottle”
Street Art: Sculpture, Mural, 
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