City of Lakeside - City Hall and Library ADA Remodel Project


Drawings for the project will be placed on this web page for review and comment.  These drawings will show work to be performed, materials to be used and pertinent notes regarding issues to be resolved.  We encourage comments about the drawings and progress of the project.  Use one of the following e-mails, below to contact the appropriate person:

Information about the Purpose, Scope or Funding of the Project:
      City Administrator Susan Chauncey

Information about the Drawings or Work in Progress:
      Lon Samuels
      Will Reilly

If you cannot view the drawing to the left, please download the FREE Autodesk DWF Viewer by clicking on the link below.   This viewer will allow you to open and view the drawings.  After you have downloaded the viewer, return to this web page and hold your  cursor over the drawing.  Then RIGHT CLICK to view a menu of options to use on the drawing.  You will be able to Pan, Zoom, Print, and view the drawing as a Full Screen drawing.  We recommend practicing using the FULL VIEW screen drawing.  To see the drawing as a FULL VIEW drawing, HOLD  your cursor over the small drawing on the left, Right Click to view the menu and then click on the FULL VIEW button.  To ZOOM, RIGHT click, then click the ZOOM button on the menu.  Then HOLD the LEFT mouse button down while you drag the cursor across the screen.  Release and drag the mouse to a new position and continue HOLDING the LEFT mouse button down to ZOOM.

To escape out of the FULL VIEW screen, RIGHT click and select BACK.

Autodesk DWF Viewer
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